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  • $$$ Soliciting Money / Members WARNING $$$

    Re: Money Solicitation on the Chop Cult

    Several times now we have encountered fraudulent solicitation efforts on the Chop Cult in that bogus members attempt to utilize our PM and/or our forum system to petition for/or solicit money from other members.

    That's not to say that every effort to "help a brother out" is fraudulent, but clearly, some are. Lets face facts. You can pretty much assume that if we support a "cause" you'll know it, and if we suspect something is "fishy" you'll know it too... The Chop Cult community isn't as anonymous as some less-than-upstanding might hope it is (Sorry conspiracy theorists...) People know each other here and we're not about to let one another fall victim to a scam if we can help it.

    But we're not all-knowing all-seeing in the matter either; If you come across something you suspect is fraudulent in the form of people (members) seeking monetary donations, please PM a mod and alert them to the concerned thread. There's nothing in our Rules and Guidelines that specifically forbids this type of assistance to downed brothers in need or such, I've read some heart-wrenching stories and have hosted a few benefits myself for others, but there's nothing that guarantees it either!

    Flat out "send me money" requests are seriously frowned upon and you can expect them to "poof" disappear; while injured biker fund-raising efforts like Stephan's form Zombie Performance's infamous Deer Slayer accident or the Lee Bender support stickers obviously have a foundation of validity behind them.

    Same with Spam (as stated in other Site Rules threads, alert a mod via PM asap).

    ~ Allen

    A foole & his money,
    be soone at debate:
    which after with sorow,
    repents him to late.

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    It really sucks that people resort to such predatory tactics for income; if they applied the same effort that they put into scams... into something real with tangible integrity instead; then their money issues would vanish, with a clear conscience and something to actually be proud of as a result.

    I really fail to see the rationale behind scammers... the energy to plan and plot out is exactly the same, it takes to plot and plan something legitimate; the outcome is the only difference. The one that's legit... you end up having something you can take pride in, and don't have to hide. The one that's not legit... you end up with nothing, and it will never amount to anything to ever be proud of.


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      But such is a certain percentage of all societies!!


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        It sucks. A couple months ago I was scrolling through facebook and saw a post with a picture of a group of Africans on it. The little bit that I read talked about how a tribal leader had been kidnapped and was bing held by FARC rebels and they where trying to raise money to attempt to ransom him back. My first assumpiton in seconds was that it was a nigerian scam someone had recieved and reposted to laugh at, so I left a comment laughing at it and posted a link to the 419 eaters web site where dudes write back to the scammers and scam tham into doing some rediculous shit in hopes of getting money (some of it is hlarious!) Well I went on and didnt think a thing of it till the next day I saw the same post with an update that they had found the guy beheaded with a pretty powerful eulogy, When I actually looked at who had posted it in the first place I realized it was posted by an old friend that does volunteer work with gmos in sub saharan Africa, and not only was the post legit, the dude was a good friend of his that he had been working with for 5 years. I felt/feel like about 30 shades of asshole! Not only are the people who do this shit the scum of the earth for taking peoples hard earned money, but whats worse is the cynicism and wariness they create towards legitamate causes. Theres a special place in hell...


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          What you say it totally true, if you apply it to rational thinkers like you and me. Trouble is, these are not rational people. I believe there is some form of mental illness involved here. I am NOT offering an excuse for them. They just don’t get it. To bad we can’t do a factory recall on them.


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