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  • New to the Cult? Intros Go Here...

    whats up guys didnt see a spot for intro's so heres a quick one. then on to shameless promotion. im james i ride out in the sandbox known as vegas with the boys in the vegas crew. we like to drink,ride,repeat..... so ya. im pretty quiet on boards but ill chime in if ive got something worth a shit.

    on to the promotion....hahaha

    Us chest thumpin vegas kids are hosting a pretty sweet cycle swap! it will be held at the oldest bar on the las vegas strip. they have a huge parking lot for anyone and everyone who wants to bring there old parts out and buy,sell, or trade them. it will be the first sunday of every month starting Sept 6th.
    There will be no spot fee's. kind of an honor system if yer making money hopefully you'll donate a lil portion to help with the cost of puttin this thing together. Dino's is a full service bar and we also have one of the best salt water dog stands out there, right next to the front door.
    Were starting it later in the evening so the heat wont beat ya down. so come on down. if anything its a reason for a great party and some good times.

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    this is gonna be some good shit .... hope everyone can make it out !


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      Quick hello from over the water..

      Hi folks my names Mark, live in England, just finished a Royal Enfield bobber and mid way into a long stretched Sporty 12 build take care and stay shiney side up ..


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        Mark -

        Welcome to the site......(I guess, you have been around here longer than myself though)



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          chiming in from West Michigan

          Not sure if this is the correct spot for intros, but it'll work for me. Riding in West Mich. on a 88 XL 1200. Kinda lame now, but plan on a Led Sled hard tail next summer. Hoping to get my sandwich clamps on a DNA springer sometime along the way too. Hoping to find some good ideas on here. So far, I like what I see.



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            Howdy ya'll

            Been waiting for this forum to open up. I live in Miami, work in Key West. After a long year in building , finally got my chopper up and running as of Tuesday of this week.

            A video of the big event(in my mind anyway)

            Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

            Ultima frame
            S&S shovel
            D&D springer
            Harley 4-speed kicker only
            Jockey shift


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              Greetings from the U.K.

              Hello folks

              The names Wurzel, and I,m based in Somerset England.
              Currently riding a 1200 Sporty thats due to be chopped this winter.
              Got to make the most of the summers here in the U.K.


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                N00b intro.

                Well, noob here anyway.

                Paul from NH...nice to have a new place to hang out.

                See some of you fuckers on the GR-


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                  Hola from NC

                  Site looks great! One more way to waste my life on the internet. Thanks.

                  Any other NC, Charlotte dudes on here?


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                    Hey Gray. I'm in Winston-Salem.


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                      New name, same old Bugles

                      Changed up the name, but its the old Bugles from 'over there'. Thanks for having me...


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                        Same Lemony-Fresh smell, I hope?


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                          Hiya from NC

                          Dang, does this make my morning!!! Thanks so much you guys.

                          Kris from NC. Some of you folks know me, or of me. I've got an old Honda project licking around in the garage. I'm a graphic designer in Winston-Salem, and I've helped out some of the guys that are around here with stuff. (Tim from LOADED, Trent's site, Front St. tees, etc.)

                          Can't wait actually meet some of you fuckers on the GR this year.


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                            But without the after taste


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                              new pic too

                              Heres a new pic too
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