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Is this a 23" front wheel?


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  • Is this a 23" front wheel?

    Trying to figure out this stance. Is this a 23" front wheel?Click image for larger version

Name:	20230603_124837.jpg
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    I don't belive so.
    Look at the length of the sliders AKA lower fork legs.
    Looks like an18" rear, 21 front.
    If I had to guess, I'd say that hardtailed shovelhead frame is dropped and stretched (rear) 2 inches each. Look at the curve in them and how close they are to the rockers. An aftermarket fabled frame would have straighter down tubes, more space in front of the rocker boxes and less bulk in the neck area.
    Front (stock) down tubes are definitely stretched by cutting and adding length.
    And the neck casting is cut , raked, and plated.
    Probably "4 over" fork tubes.
    And those lowers are aftermarket or shaved.
    But that's just a guess from a poor quality photo.
    Try looking up paugco frames and find the profile that suits your fancy.

    You've asked about this pic before...
    Are you starting with a stock shovelhead frame or what?


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      looking at the rear rim compared to the front rim, my guess is the rear rim is a 16 or 15 inch.


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        Looks like a 21” front and a 16” rear.


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          Idk fellas
          Diminishing proportions due to perspective aka tha angle of the photographers' dangle.
          Look at how much spoke you can see around that rear brake rotor.
          If it was a 10 inch rotor, maybe. But it looks like a softail brake caliper/mount. not a banna caliper or the GMA type replacement.
          That'd be an 11.5" rotor.
          Again, just a guess


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            I can appreciate that, it’s hard to judge a 2” difference based on a photo of that quality. Regardless I’m curious what Shovelheart is working with. I’ve seen the OP post a bunch of what stance or what size is this, I’m curious what they’re starting with or looking to accomplish as well.


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              Note the height of the top of the rim vs. the height of the forward rocker nut comparing to other bikes.

              Imagine a horizontal line tangent to the top edge of the rim (not the tire) and note where that would cross the engine.

              Rear is classic 16" HD rim, front looks typical 21" rim and a Sky said a 11.5" rotor.

              Note where a similar line tangent to this 23" rim would go:

              Harley-Davidson motorcycles have been in Japan for more than a century and as much as the Milwaukee company has tried over the years, their rules have never been followed. It'


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                Well hopefully OP figures out his license and can put a nice shovel chop together. He posted a pick of his current ride and described his dilemma, but seems that comment has since been deleted.


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