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Generator question for a 69 Shovel


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  • Generator question for a 69 Shovel

    I got my motor back last week then went to mount on the generator only to realize its a Cycle electric DGV 5000L which is meant for years 36-64. I wasn't planning on running a battery since I've got a mag but wanted to see if anyone could provide some insight on whether that's a good idea or not with these generators? I plan on calling tech support tomorrow, but wanted to see if anyone has ran a 5000-L genny with their shovel?

    on their site:

    DGV-5000: for 1936-1984 12-volt systems with 7 amps or larger battery.

    DGV-5000-L: for 1936-1964 12-volt systems with small 12 volt battery in 6-volt oil tank. (6-volt conversion) The L model can be used with any battery.

    DGV-5006: FOR 1936-1964 6-volt systems.

    I'm also going to need to get the gear and bearing shield for the generator any recommendations there?
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    found this relating to battery size with the L model:

    "Another Harley generator replacement from Cycle Electric is a low-amp model, the DGV-5000L with regulator. This generator is designed to work with 1936-1964 models converted to 12-volts with a 5.5-amp (or less) battery.

    The DGV-5000L is a good choice when converting 6-volt to 12-volt with kick-start only and battery is 5.5 amps or less."

    were you thinking of running a batteryless capacitor?
    do you know what your electrical load will be? just headlight h/l and tail/brake?


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      is an all solid state voltage and current regulator designed expressly for Harley-Davidson two (2) brush generators.
      It offers greater reliability and smoother voltage regulation than the mechanical regulator it replaces. It will easily keep any electric or kick start battery charged at the correct rate.
      Its unique output will safely operate the lights WITHOUT the use of a battery if your motorcycle is equipped with a magneto ignition.

      Made in the USA by Cycle Electric for custom bikes with no battery at all, smaller-than-stock battery, or the battery fitted inside the oil tank.

      Regulator, fits 1965 thru 1977 Sportster and 1965 thru 1969 Big Twin with 12 volt generator and a small 12 Volt battery in an oil tank designed for the 6 Volt battery, or no battery at all

      Made in the USA by Cycle Electric for custom bikes with no battery at all, smaller-than-stock battery, or the battery fitted inside the oil...

      looks like the CE-102 regulator:
      Click image for larger version

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        Yea I was planning on just running a headlight and taillight without a battery. If necessary I can run a small battery no problem. I'l be calling tech support tomorrow and I'll be sure to also ask about that regulator


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          Spoke with tech support and he said The 5000L is perfect with kick only which is what I'm running.


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            yup, but what about running your '69 batteryless with the 5000L as you planned ... does it need to combined with the CE-102 regulator to be able to run without a battery?

            from the CE site:
            CE-102; 1965-1977 XL, XLH, XLCH, 1965-1969 FL, FLH. All two brush 12 volt Generators.
            Route wires and cut length
            Brown to “A” terminal on generator
            Green to “F” terminal on generator
            Red to battery or lights

            from the Zodiac site: Made in the USA by Cycle Electric for custom bikes with no battery at all...
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