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  • Interesting title

    Hey all, bought an old generator shovel with a blank vin pad on the left case (replacement case) it was in this 1975 FXE shovelhead frame and titled as such.

    While not strange in of itself the weird bit is that the title shows 1966 HD with the 1975 FXE VIN numbers. I attached a pic with the Oregon title. My guess is there was a mistake back in the day at the DMV or someone was sloppy? It is branded as "reconstructed". Anyone ever seen something like this?

    I asked the old timer who owned it and he didn't know as he got the bike 20+ years ago from a kid who's dad built it and passed. I'm not super concerned with the resell as this is a chopper for me just curious. Cheers all.

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    I don't know the answer, laws are different across states. But, it sounds to me like whoever built it had adequate proof of ownership for the motor, and it was logged the way it was so there wouldn't be legality questions down the road. But what do I know. Post pics of the bike!


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      something here for Oregon;

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        I see how that could happen… so takes somebody who understands that HD was titled by the number on the case prior to 1970 to comprehend…

        Kinda sucks that it’s a “reconstructed” title, but for a 50+yo chop, that’s not a huge deal - gives the bike some “patina”



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