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Internal fork stops bottom cup notch help


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  • Internal fork stops bottom cup notch help

    got some internal fork stops for some Mullins narrow trees for my 89 evo chop the bottom cup has a pin to lock cup in neck, my frame doesn't have the hole for pin...any suggestions on doing one..... I have a Dremel was thinking just try to notch it out best I can? seems impossible to drill since the pin is on edge of cup.
    any input would be awesome thanks

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    Looks like you can drill it fairly easy. mock up the cup, mark the spot and drill it. Good luck


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      your answers here:

      2018 Internal fork stop kit

      "How the fudge do u install this thing..."

      "On the fork cup that presses into the frame, with the tab in the back, there is a small hole. They expect you to drill through that hole into the frame parallel with the stem, and make it a tight or light press fir for the provided pin. Only after that do you install the bearing race.
      I've always thought that the provided pin is pretty lightweight, and if you forget once in a while and let the forks slam against the stop you'll shear it. Then the cup could turn in the frame.

      I believe a better way is to drill and tap into the frame perpendicular to the stem and put a grade 8 button head, maybe 5/16" or 3/8" in there. Much stronger...
      Here's a pic of when I did this. In this instance it was for a pair of raked cups, but it's the same principle and the only pic I have that illustrates my point. The bolt will come through into the neck stem bore a little, but you can clean that up with a die grinder or a dremmel or even a file. I shouldn't have to mention it, but use Loctite...
      Click image for larger version

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      OK, one more thing after having read the PDF from Pro One. I never drive fork cups into the frame with a hammer and drift.
      I use a piece of 1/2" allthread, some washers, nuts, and an old fork cup that was filed in the lathe to be a slip fit into the frame. For the bottom cup put the slip fit cup in the top position use heavy washers that center the allthread in both cups and tighten the nuts. It gives you a nice even pull so it's easy to get the tab for the fork stops where you want it. (use grease too.)
      Then for the top cup, all you need is the allthread the washers and nuts. If you really feel the need, once the cups are all the way in, you can give them a smack with a hammer and drift to make sure they're bottomed.
      For the races you need a washer just smaller than the bore the races fit into, but big enough to catch the top edge of the race. I had to make one."

      How the fudge do u install this thing. I got this neck cup kit for my chop but it came with no instructions...


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        and found this:

        2012 Thread: No fork stops?

        "One of my all time tech posts and it's about forkstops (with great deference to Buster and his friends at American Cycle Service)"

        Fork stop / headlight mount
        "We wrestled with how to make a clean and distinctive fork stops and headlight mount for Rob's panhead.
        Rob is running 41mm Hydraglide legs in a set of super-narrow Mullins Chaindrive triple trees.
        Initially, we had drilled the lower triple tree and had made up a set of stainless bullets for the fork stops, but then (in typical fashion) Lee was staring at the bike late one night and came up with the idea of doing a combined fork stop / headlight mount..."
        We wrestled with how to make a clean and distinctive fork stops and headlight mount for Rob's panhead. Rob is running 41mm Hydraglide legs i...

        I'm building a TR6 chopper and I've got an old girder fork from the 70s that doesn't really accept fork stops. How crucial would you say fork stops are? Is it ok to ride a bike without them? The fork and bars won't hit the gastank... I could put an internal stop neck bearing deal if I need to I guess. What do you guys


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