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Thoughts on a 6yr old VT thread and my bike predicament


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  • Thoughts on a 6yr old VT thread and my bike predicament

    Man, that Intruder is still one of my fave bikes! I have an Intruder Volusia now, and for all that I like, WTF doesn't it have a 6th gear!? Been looking for another intruder to kinda mate something. I've had a lot of cool big bikes, VTX1800 CBR1000 & 600RR SV650 & 1000, and I'm telling you, the smaller bikes are just more pleasurable. My buddy just hit his midlife crisis and bought his vest and patches. Oh and 3 new Harley-Davidson models in like 4 weeks. He keeps pushing me to buy a Harley, but I've never ridden one and apparently they're a lot different. He brags about how he never hits 5th when we're riding like that's a good thing. Now, my Volusia, he slightly pulls on me all the way up to 60 when I run out of gears. But that was the 114 Lowrider he first had. Sold out for a 107 with a "$2k Stage One Exhaust" which I guess was supposed to keep it equal/faster, and he can't keep up... Plus it's got every chrome doodad known to man and it's apparently this year's limited run paint job (I call it Tranny Teal) but it's some kinda aqua and teal pinstripe thing with chrome. The 114 was blacked out and gunmetal except pipes, and a $400 set of Vance pipes woulda finished it! Eh, I'm ranting.

    I recently got a VT700 dumped on me. Fully running, minor cosmetic, needs a seat cover and battery. Ok keep seeing a lot of cool builds, but it's really hard to emulate what others are doing without almost a walk through or a place to get ideas. I've been thinking of selling it to get a newer bike, but there are a lot of cool builds of these. I need to know more about performance before I tear into it. The Intruder will give my SV650 a run for it's money. The Volusia will drag a peg cornering. I loved that fat tire front and rear look of it too. I have a full GSXR front end I was gonna put on my SV, but I've been crossing a lot more and thinking of building a touring cruiser. Is this platform even worth it? Should I wait until the right something comes along? What mods can I do to UP the value of a 36yr old Honda?? Ideally- I'd prefer to somehow cruiser up my SV. Looked at a Suzuki C50 the other day, but the "lifter noise" was so loud you couldn't talk over it. I barely like most bikes stock. I built a crusier/street fighter out of an 89 750 Ninja with header wrapped 4 into 1 opens, a Harley fender cut and lifted so the flare at the base was up parallel to the ground with tail lights inside, and a solo seat over a custom made subframe box to hold all my electrical hidden under it. I've trellis framed the tails off a few other sport bikes too for fun. I'm really at a loss on this one though. Cut up the VT? Trade it for a jetski and wait for a better bike I like? Or can someone help me find a design for my SV??

    Everything about my SV650 was my dream bike. I wish they'd finished something under the engine to match the tubular look of the frame, but still. I have a lot of conversion parts. But for hoping on my Volusia for a cruise, I can ride hours comfy. It's just that damn gear! I actually grew to love the thick look of it all. I wish I could blend my SV into some kind of cruiser like that. I already plan to toss all the front plastic, so a tail swap or change is nothing really. Or should I really just focus on what to do with this VT I inherited against my will? Trade it towards something different? Or build something like I've seen in pictures?

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    maybe look here:

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      He's like me in that they all end up in the SV650, it seems to be the best of all, and it's not cheap either, I saved up for a short period of time to buy it. In addition, the warranty of honda is extremely good, it makes me feel really impressed.


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