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    Ok, not to compare to the Journal, but lets get real.... The Journal has had that thread forever, and its not been taken advantage of. Travel season is upon us, and lots of us are hitting the roads on freshly built bikes and may need help from time to time. Plus, JJ'ers don't really know all the Japcrap that some of us ride and build....

    I offer up my time and tools anytime someone is stranded... Just don't be high on crack or I'll make it known that you are no longer welcome... That said, lets do this, and do it right!

    Im thinking (sometime in the future, I am spreadsheet retarded) that we should make an Online Spreadsheet available to Members only, that way we can print out what we need for our state/area and hit the road.... What do you guys think? I'll get us started. I don't want to put phone numbers online, so for now, lets get the basics online and PM's can be enough. If you are traveling and might need assistance, PM / email the people you MIGHT need and get their numbers... Or could just be a good excuse to drop in, make a new friend, crash in the yard, etc... Hows that? Im open to better suggestions as well...

    THE BASICS: (Highlight your area in RED to make scrolling through that much easier...

    Name: Hugh

    Location: Western NC / Asheville Area

    Email: [email protected]

    Resources: MIG, TIG; Most Fabrication Tools; Metric and Standard Hand Tools; Small Truck / Sometimes an 8 Foot Trailer; Garage Workshop; Hot Dogs and Beer (Unless you drink all my beer, then I have none, haha)

    Other: I usually have plenty of room for a nights stay, or until you get your bike running again. I also don't mind driving an hour or so in a time of need...
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    Name: Kyle

    Location: Ponca city, OK/ North central OK

    Email: [email protected]

    Resources: MIG, TIG; Most Fabrication Tools; Metric and Standard Hand Tools; Garage, Trucks

    Other: extra room/couches overnight stay no problem
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      I feel like this will only work with phone numbers though. Like if I'm stuck in the middle of NC, I probably won't have your email on hand, and even if I did, probably wouldn't have a computer. But if i saved it onto my phone, that'd work. But I guess, you can PM everyone that replies to this list and ask for their number if you know you'll be passing through.

      I know I'm probably gonna need some help along the way somewhere. I'm gonna probably be riding to the Twine Ball with a few people from Boston; so unless we're super lucky, I'm pretty sure there is gonna be some bike issues coming up somewhere down the road.

      Name: Anthony Chen

      Location: Boston, MA

      Email: [email protected]

      Resources: Wrenches and Screw Drivers...all the basic stuff you need to put a bike back together. My bike is my only transportation, so no truck or anything.,

      Other: I can hook it up with somewhere to stay and somewhere to keep the bike if you can't get it running, as long as I don't get a creepy vibe from you, and I have FOOD! love food.


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        I'm in. I've never been stranded by my bike, knock on wood, but have run into complications. Where ever you may be there is someone or someplace where you can access a computer. Trust me it worked for me this last summer. I hate coffee but Starbucks or some other coffee shack always has some jobless hippy with a computer sitting there at all hours of the day

        Name: Tony, or Anthony, whatever is easiest (I'm not good with names)

        Location: Redding, CA NorCal

        email: [email protected]

        Resources: Mig, OA setup, can arrange for a trailer if needed. Willing to drive just about anywhere within a couple hours to help if I can.

        For guys with Harley's I'm friends with the service manager at the local dealer so the service is better than normal. Also plenty of yard space for a tent, and the garage fridge always has beer.
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          Name: Ryan

          Location: Merriam, KS (Kansas City)

          Email: [email protected]

          Resources: Welders, Fab Tools, Metric and Standard Hand Tools, Garage, Truck and Trailer

          Other: Big Yard for an over nighter, possible food. Could just run tools or whatever to you to get you on your way.


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            Name: Monsiour O'C

            Location: Granville a.k.a. Vermont

            Email: [email protected]

            Phone: 617 413 5204

            Resources: Wrenches, Screwdrivers, Sockets, lift, Motorcycle Ambulance ( converted hotdog stand for transportation to a larger shop with welders, lifts and cranky old dudes who put your shit together right and give you beer)

            Other: Farm for camping, Barn in case of rain, possible food and a nice little bridge over a waterfall to take pictures of yourself to remember the super awesome journey (no not the band). Ace is also availible for sorting out any wiring harness issues. Don't want your gas or ass
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              fuck it i'm in

              name: Chris

              Location: Holiday FL (Little north of Tampa

              email: [email protected] (email me or pm me on here and i'll hit you up with my phone number)

              Tools: well thats debateable. wrenches, a sawzaw, miter saw, small compressor, got a buddy with a MIG welder i can probley get my hands on any time. if i don't have it there are home depos, harbor frieghts, and chopper shops i can drive ya too for parts. I don't have alot of metric tools but what i have anyone who is not a dick is more than welcome to use.

              other: no couch, got a back yard to pitch a tend...hell even a shed. also if ya role like this i'll help ya find a cheap place to stay overnight and ya can ditch yr scoot in the garge and i'll scoop ya up and drop ya off (if yr shit is broken).


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                Hell yeah, people helping people. What could be more American than that?

                Name: Jesse

                Location: Macomb, IL (Right between Chicago and St. Louis)

                email: [email protected] (or PM me here)

                Phone: (360) 286-9020

                Tools: All your basic hand stuff, truck & ramps, along with access to a huge shop (I work for a construction company). While I don't have all the expertise, I know lots of knowledgeable folks.

                Other: I can help you find a place to stay (either couch or camping or whatever). I've got beer and a grill, what else could you need?
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                  This is a great idea, the brotherhood and helping out is part of why we all got into this in the first place. I am more than happy to be in charge of building a spreadsheet. Wish I was as good with a wrench as I am with Excel. Let me know Hugh...


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                    Re: Chop-Cult Travel Assistance


                    Location:North burbs of Chicago

                    email: [email protected] (or PM me here)

                    Tools: All basic tools, mig, plasma, trucks, ramps , etc I am ase certified.

                    Other: Garage for bike, bed for rider, I am sure we could come up with anything else anyone needed. Several shops nearby.


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                      Name: Larry

                      email: [email protected]

                      Location: Mono County Calif.

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                        Name: Lars

                        Location: Paradise, Pa aka Lancaster County

                        Email: [email protected]

                        Resources: Little garage with basic tools, mig welder, grinder, chop saw, saw zaw, etc.

                        Other: Plenty of local resources within 5 minutes of my place


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                          Name: Randy


                          [email protected]

                          Truck,garage,good range of Standard and Metric,air ,power tool's,local shop close by
                          food,beer,air mattress


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                            Name: Jeff or Nubby

                            email: [email protected]

                            Location: Northeast Georgia - approx 70 miles NE of ATL, 15 miles from Helen, Ga.

                            Resources: Simple handtools - wrenches, sockets, etc., pick 'em up truck and utility trailer, back yard for camping, and if we can't get you're bike running I'm real close to a couple local Indie shops.


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                              Name: Justin

                              Location: Littleton Colorado/ South Denver

                              Email: [email protected]

                              Resources: Basic tools, small garage, truck for pick up, plenty of friends close by who can also help

                              Other: no problem with providing some floor space and an air mattress to crash on. I also dont have a problem drivin for a bit to pick somebody up off the side of the road. half hour or closer from major highways here, I-70 and I-25
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