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  • Royal Lizard

    She finally died. no tears shed by me. I may have a beer though.

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    The greatest Queen died 30 years ago
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      One less monarch but plebs like boots to lick and unlike the remaining royals the old gal understood class is how you carry yourself not what you own.

      The ceremonies will be the UKs way of bidding final farewell to a past that changed the world for good and bad. She set a proper example in WWII as a royal should but the rest of the family for whatever silly reasons were lax in following it afterwards. You cannot squander royal image acting like plebs then expect to get it back without some truly notable act modern royals are in no position to perform as they don't lead wars. They're as decorative as a Kardashian.

      Too bad the Duke of York wasn't next in line.


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        Fuck the queen, and fuck the royal family, every last one of them.

        It makes me sick as an American to see other so-called Americans gushing and fawning over the queen with love and admiration, like they actually knew her.

        I look upon "royalty" the way I think every freedom-loving red-blooded American should- with absolute contempt.

        I remember when the queen last visited the US, and there were all these media reports about the "proper" way to act around the queen when she was here. How to address her, don't extend your hand to shake hers, etc, etc. Well you know what I say- FUCK THAT SHIT! Bitch, this is AMERICA, you get treated like everybody else here, we're not your "subjects". And if you don't like it, go the fuck home.

        Fuck the queen and her whole fucked up, soap opera, carnival sideshow of a family.


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          Originally posted by EVILBLACKSABRE
          ... I look upon "royalty" the way I think every freedom-loving red-blooded American should- with absolute contempt. ...
          Interesting take, I never met a Queen, but I get your statement if I can replace "royalty" with "Democrats", "Republicans", "ANTIFA", "FBI", "CIA", "NSA", "ATF", "DOJ", "IRS", "DHS", "NBC", "ABC", "CBS", "CNN", "FOX", "MSNBC", "Pfizer", "Moderna", "NATO",.....


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