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  • craps

    Any you mugs shoot dice?

    well.... I had a monster roll on the craps table today
    definitely one I won't forget.
    29 continuous rolls without a seven showing up.
    In that same session, 16 continuous field numbers were rolled!
    the guy next to me's girlfriend was writting the rolls down & showed me.
    I rarely bet the field, But I wish I was this time, The young guy next to me was
    betting heavy on the field, & also place & buy bets, hard way & the pass line.
    I knew He was really cleaning up & I asked him how much he was up & with a huge grin said
    $860. That included a couple of other previous rolls in the high teens, where the point #
    After hitting the point number on the 29th roll, On the next come out roll, I rolled 5 sevens in a roll,
    followed by a point number (i think a 6 or 8 ) , & seven'd out on the next roll, so 6 seven's in 7 rolls!
    That pretty much blew my mind.
    I guess those damned sevens were "Due" after not coming out for 29 rolls.
    It was a wild time with allot of happy faces, But I doubt the pit boss was smiling.
    I walked away after that episode (made $190) & the guy next to me walked as well, & I
    thought maybe His girlfriend was going to pee her pants she was so happy.
    Usually when I see guys betting like that kid, They get their clocks cleaned when the 7 shows up.
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    Nice man! I am huge fan of dice. Headed to foxwoods in CT on Friday to go see Bill Burr and will be spending some time on the table.
    Ive never had a huge roll myself but I have been part of some monster rolls people were having. Last time in Vegas at the El Cortez, it was a a first timer with the dice and he just kept making points and wailing on the 6 and 8. Rolled for about 25 minutes and made everyone at the table a pretty penny.
    Any time I roll i play the dark side, place the 5, 6, and 8 and field. If I'm doing well ill double tap the place bets and make $50 a hit and start over again.


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      They always put the roulette tables near the craps guys.

      Which took some getting used to because they scream all the time at the craps table. (Roulette is normally very quiet)

      One minute, it sounds like a fight broke out right on the casino floor, over there.

      THEN? They're all cheering like they're best friends.. (YAAAAAY!!! WHOO-HOOO!!) Then? It sounds like they're screaming at each other like someone pulled a knife. Then, cheers..



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        well good luck at foxwoods. I didn't even know gambling was legal in Connecticut, is
        it like an indian casino like they have in the west?

        I used to strictly play the pass line (like most rollers) & avoid the no pass. Usually because
        it seems to create tension at the table. But lately I've been doing well switching back & forth
        between pass & no pass, Usually observing the action of the dice. (cold dice or hot dice).
        And usually take the odds if the number looks like a good candidate to repeat(or not repeat when betting no pass).

        I hit the 21 tables occasionally, & usually do pretty good, But compared to craps, It can almost
        get boring, compared to shooting dice. & I pretty much avoid roulette. and I just don't get how so many people (not just seniors)
        are playing all of these high tech, flashy, money hungry electronic machines, Some casinos in nevada,
        that's all they have in them. I wouldn't even call these joints "casinos" I refer to them as
        Bush button bandit arcades. lol.


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          CT has two casinos that are a few miles apart. Both are on tribal land. Foxwoods was at one point the largest resort casino in the world. It got passed up by Venetian Macau. We also have two shit bag casinos here in Rhode Island. Both places are dumps but can be fun for dice. Stopped playing blackjack there a long time ago.


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            I have only one thing to remind me of a Methodist upbringing. I don't gamble, period.I guess i'll just go to hell for all the other shit.
            I only even know one card game.


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              At one time I was playing a lot of craps. Best roll I can remember was at the Golden Nugget in Vegas. 2:00 in the morning and the few of us left at the rail were just pretty much going through the motions. A young newlywed couple walks up, still in their wedding clothes, and she, giggling, says how she's never thrown dice. Nice, a virgin shooter. I didn't count how many rolls threw but we all walked away way up. Now I pretty much just play Blackjack. I stay away from Roulette and the goofy table games.


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                I was playing last week, & this Gal in Her 30's was rolling Elevens like crazy. She rolled 7 Elevens in
                roughly 15 rolls, I was up next & I rolled 2 more Elevens in quick fashion.
                I never seen so many 11's come up, It was insane.
                THEN The 11's went stone cold & refused to come up.
                I was playing the 15 to 1 YO bet on "only" 3 of those rolls, I didn't expect them to just keep coming up,
                So I stopped betting It.
                This one cocky dude with a cowboy hat was putting 10 bucks on the YO on every Roll, & made a killing, Then He started
                putting 20 bucks on the Horn bet, Every roll, & did really well when I rolled a couple of Box Cars, a 2 & a 3.
                over the next 15 or so rolls. Then He quits & walks away with fat pockets. Lucky SOB


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                  I shoot craps overtime I eat at Taco Bell. You'd think I would learn.


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                    I had a good run on the craps table this weekend, despite allot of mediocre rollers
                    surrounding me.
                    my best rolls were 36, 36, 28, 24, & 18
                    on the 28 roller, I rolled 8 Hard Ways (the most ever for me)
                    3 hard 6 2 hard 8 2 hard 4 & 1 hard 10
                    I was also hitting those pesky 7's on the come out rolls, so I was
                    lovin it.
                    most of the others on the table began betting the hardway bets after I rolled 3 hardways in a roll
                    at the beginning of the roll ! most of the shooters were passing the roll to me
                    because I was killing it. most all the other shooters were shooting 7's
                    in under 10 rolls, some after 3 or 4 rolls, I wanted to bet
                    Dont Pass when they were shooting, but I didn't want to
                    hurt feelings, so I just bet lightly on them.

                    there was one other hot shooter that was doing rolls in the high 20's & hitting
                    some of the hard ways, But He split after 2 rolls.

                    too funny..... This one woman rolled 4 7's in a roll on her come out roll, & the dude
                    next to me says "She can't roll another, no way" So He puts out 88 dollars in place
                    bets on the come out roll (very unusual to bet those on come out rolls)
                    & you guessed it, SHe rolled a 5th Seven on that come out roll & the dude
                    loses his 88 bucks & says "that's It I'm out of here"! hah!


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