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  • Aliens ??

    So Ive been watching a lot of ancient aliens lately ,, shit makes a lot of sense ,, I don't think we are alone .. Opinions ??

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    My opinion is that those shows are dumb. And that puffy headed clown who hosts them has a degree in fucking sports broadcasting or some shit. I guess it's a "neat" idea to go "what if" about when you're stoned, but could not be further from science.


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      We are someones ant farm! An experiment someone/something is manipulating!


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        It is all a load of bull but entertaining for some. Right up there with all the ghost and paranormal shows. Entertainment for the general masses.


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          The shows are generally full of shit but I cant see how a lot of cultures around the world have stories of "divine beings from the sky" and not have some sort of life out there. But there were living microbes found on Mars does that count?


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            Sentient life somewhere in the Universe? It is possible. Due to the vast expanses of the dimensions of both space and time it is mathematically probable. However the vast oceans of space and time are the very obstacle that makes it a near certainty that we have never been nor will we ever be visited by them, if in fact they are even out there. However the TV shows are amusing entertainment unless you take them seriously in which case I suppose they are a total mind blow. Of course I could be wrong and advanced being do in fact make extensive journeys across galactic distances just to mutilate cows, destroy corn fields, kidnap intoxicated rednecks and sexual molest neurotic feminist types. Who really knows? Just paint me skeptical!


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              Well now.....

              Every since the Roswell crash, our technology took a leap forward....
              J-Rod was a big help, the only one of the Grays that lived for five years after.

              Here's a bit of info on the Apollo 11 mission that leak out recently...
              When astronaut Neil Armstrong stepped foot on the Moon....
              He switched to a secure channel and said to Nasa..... Their here, They are parked ten clicks away and they are watching us... Nasa retuned with this..... We know, continue on with your mission and don't look their way...

              All rightly then....

              Ever wonder why the Moon missions ended so quickly....???

              Take a look at the last of the Apollo mission's "Apollo 20"

              ........... ............

              Now if you would ask me....???
              Not on your life would there be any other intelligent life forums, but for us...
              And why is that, you may ask....??? ... I could be small minded...

              Cause in the vast universe.... There are an acceptable range of between 100 billion and 200 billion galaxies, like the galaxies that we reside in, The Milky Way, which our Sun is one of about 200 billion stars (or perhaps more) just in the Milky Way galaxy alone. With all those other stars, why haven't scientists studied other solar systems, at least enough to know how many are in our galaxy?

              I leave you with this.... With the increase of UFO sighting on the rise in the recent years.... Soon they will be making a appearance to the world.... No amount of government cover up will be able to hide this with swamp gas or a fallen weather balloon.....

              ............ ............

              .. ..

              Anymore questions on this topic, Please contact my assistance "Five of Nine"
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                the universe is infinite, it goes on forever, there are countless Galaxies in that space the Milky-way Galaxy (where we live ) is but a pinhead in that, so of all the infinite amount of stars, planets and galaxies we are the only planet with life??? give me a fucking break! I think there is life out there, planets all over the universe in countless galaxies in different stages of evolution, maybe not like ours but unique to that particular planet, some crawling out of the muck, some exploring the universe and some that have gone extinct, we don't know shit about what's out there, fuck Big Foot could be an advanced alien life for that matter who was out exploring the universe and found us, who the fuck know's
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                  This could waste lots of my time if I wasn't already wasting it looking for parts made of unobtainainum and enough whiskey and pills to ease the pain of not finding the parts.


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                    I have to think that some type of intelligent intergalactic lifeform exists. I also have to think that some technology that we have in use today, may have been reverse engineered or otherwise adapted. I also have to think that perhaps one day we will colonize another planet, (primarily because we have just about destroyed this one), master intergalactic travel, and see these other worlds, and have intergalactic governmental relations. Who's to say that those in power (here on earth), are not already controlled by some intergalactic lifeform?


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                      Originally posted by Knuckleduster

                      I have to think that some type of intelligent intergalactic lifeform exists.
                      Who's to say that those in power (here on earth), are not already controlled by some intergalactic lifeform?
                      Aaaaa Maybe so....

                      The 34th President of the United States met the extra terrestrials at a remote air base in New Mexico in 1954, according to lecturer and author Timothy Good.

                      .................................................. ....................................

                      I would let them ride my Harley if they would let me fly their spacecraft .....
                      (Just one lap around alpha centauri.)
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                        Same people that believe in aliens with no evidence believe in jesus too. Youtube is not evidence.


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                          Just to be clear, I'm not saying that I don't believe aliens exist. They most likely do, out there somewhere. I just don't believe that they came here, taught ancient people how to cut rocks real nice, then flew back. If they are able to travel that far, I'm not sure if I want to be around when they finally do show up. I saw Independence Day, that shit is fucked up. Welcome to Earf!


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                            If there are advanced beings that have mastered inter galactic travel we sure all hell don't want them to find us. It most certainly would not be our salvation. The famed physicist Steven Hawking authored an essay on the topic of what transpires when an advance civilization encounters a less advanced one. There is an unbroken history of the annialization of the lesser civilization up to and include enslavement and genocide. If you are keen to see aliens visit Earth don't expect it to turn out well.


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                              Rumor has it those grey fuckers did a fly by in the seventies to scope us out, they saw a dirty unkept fucker on a cobbled together thumping machine that breathed fire with an absurdly inadequate undersized fuel cell, stupidly narrow controlling means and to top it off NO FRONT BRAKES, scans told them he was clearly not in a straight chemically induced cognitive state as well. They flew away disappointed, and may return in a thousand years......its our job to keep those machines on the roads so those grey mother fuckers can keep buggered off!


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