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  • Garage scrap union..

    Honda cbx750 frame meets shadow vt600 swingarm meets Daytona 955i front end.
    Now, top tubes to weld first from swingarm to spine and I'll go from there by cutting out shock mount, then to work around the bottom tubes to eventually cut out swingarm frame mounts and weld one piece from rear base of top tube (spine)
    I'm intentionally going cheap arse on this one, the cbx 750 is oil in frame with good rigidity so stock 1200 Bandit will go in and there's enough bracing there to stop it from flexing too much.....
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    interesting, never looked at that cbx750 before...the oil in the frame made me curious...

    "By decreasing the depth of the sump, the height of the engine reduced further. To make up for the new engines oil loss, Honda duplicated the traditional BSA design and created a reservoir in the bike’s frame.

    This resulted in a smaller engine that was mounted lower in the frame for a better centre of gravity and enhanced oil cooling...

    Honda began using computers to design its frames in the 1980s. With its big diameter spine tube, the CBX 750’s frame is extremely rigid, eliminating any weaving and enabling you to achieve top speed without drama or worry."

    The Honda CBX 750, also known as the RC17, was first offered in 1984 as the follow on to the groundbreaking CB750. Read the full review here

    scrap on!


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