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Xs400 not charging


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  • Xs400 not charging

    Hello everybody I’ve just chopped my Xs 400 recently and for the life of me I cannot get my bike to charge at all. I stripped the wiring harness down to a bare minimum to just being only what I’ve needed and since I did that I have had no charging. I currently am running my system on a lithium ion battery. After riding for about 30 min the battery was dead left at 1 volt left on the battery. I have noticed the second I disconnect the battery the bike dies. I have tried about 3 different regulators and rectifiers and redone my harness multiple times and I Connor find the culprit. It will sit at about 12.8 when charged up and when I rev the engine it will go up to 12.85 but that is it. I am at a loss and have been trying to find this issue for about a month. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    got all the right wires connected properly and confirmed wires from stator are in good condition? confirmed all grounds are grounded right? Got the right regulator?

    found this:
    "So went to xs650 site and they suggested using the VR292 voltage regulator which i went and picked up from NAPA. Switched the bike on and everything is PERFECT!!!! Started the battery on an overnight charge to get it back to 100, but it now holds just above 12 and hits 14.3 when high idle..."
    I know this topic is getting old but I do need help. I’m good with wiring a bike and have rewired bikes before but this one is driving me crazy....


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      Yes I’m almost certain it is wired correctly I’ve tried multiple ways of wiring it in case I had gotten something wrong. I’ve even already tried the dodge voltage regulator and it made no difference.


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        You probably burned stuff up trying all multiple possible wiring. I hate yamaha charging systems. They are crap.


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