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1978 Yamaha XS400 Chop replacement thread.


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    Originally posted by TriNortchopz
    Got a motorcycle salvage yard around? a set of stock replacements would be cheap...could probably get a complete parts bike for the price of the aftermarket carb set...could even just the one side that you need.
    No bike salvage yards near me really. I know a mechanic who only does Japanese bikes and he would be the person to have the carbs laying around. Plus I can keep checking ebay and hopefully get a functional carb. I have rebuild kits ready to go so that would be the most economical choice. If or when it comes to getting the bike on the road I'll go ahead and pay for a new set of the vm32's, As much as I hate to. but I'm in no rush at the moment. Thanks for the Info & links, I'll check those out


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      Sorry about the sideways pic, and probably blurry too. My phones shit. But a little update. I cut out the stock gusset and welded this gusset I made in today, grinded on the frame a little and mocked it up how I want it to sit. Gonna have to hit up Forking by Frank one day.

      I gotta finish welding and rewelding some stuff and mount the tank, rear fender, and come up with a seat pan. Then I can finish welding and start moulding the frame and prepping for paint this coming summer.

      I have the stock front fender, it's about 4" wide and sits good. It's chromed steel but I'm not sure I'll use it it's pretty thin stuff and I'm not sure I trust it to hold me up.
      Anyway that's all I've done to it in a while.


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        I see Franks Forks has the XS400 listed for replacement tubes.

        Have you considered swapping the frontend for an XS650 assembly?
        Compliments of "a member on another forum", Sorted by size, find yours and you can see what else shares the same size for a swapping donor. JAP bikes Fork Tube Sizes Fork Diameter Make Model and Year 27 Honda MB5 (82) 27 Honda CR-60R (83) 27 Honda XR-70R (97-03) 27 Honda XL-70K (74-76)...

        the 400 has 33mm tubes, the 650 has 35mm tubes, and there will be a lot more 650 parts out there, including extended front ends...and maybe a mag wheel similar to the rear one if that's what you want.
        info on bearing sizes, steering stem lengths:
        Does anyone know if there are any 35 or 36mm Tripple trees that will fit a XS400 frame without doing a stem swap? I know the XS400 shared headstock bearings with a bunch of other Yamahas RZ-350 35mm and YX600 36mm are ones I've been looking into.


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          Originally posted by TriNortchopz
          I was just thinking about getting some 6" over 33mm tubes and using the stock front end, but I'm not sure I'll check some stuff out.

          I was wanting to run two spoked wheels. I have a front disk brake mag wheel that matches the rear but I'm leaning towards using spokes front and rear. Tall and skinny front and rear. Like the stock wheels, 18".

          I still have the axle diameter list you linked me. But I gotta find a rear wheel that is 18"-19" diameter, has the same drive side sprocket, and has the same chain pitch. So it takes me a while to research what bikes have what I need. then I gotta ebay the parts to see if they're avaliable.

          I may just run a drum brake rear wheel cause they're cheaper and easy to come by. I just gotta find one that's 18" and I'll run my spoked drum front.
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