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  • Japanese Forum Content & Protocol

    DO talk about Japanese motorcycles in this forum.

    DON'T talk about how much you love Japanese girls in this forum.

    DO write headlines that are descriptive and make sense, with model and topic.

    Example: "Somebody please tell me how to find neutral on a '72 CL450."

    If a Jap Chop sensei posts a rad bike in this forum, DON'T be the 47th guy to tell him, "Rad bike, master." It is inappropriate to cup the master's balls.

    DO have fun.

    DON'T be a dick.

    Posting guidelines:

    1. Where to post.
    Look at the subforums and please try to post where it makes sense. If you want to talk about XS650 ignition, post up here in the Japanese forum, if you want to buy one post an add in the Classifieds or inside your build thread. If it's about Shovelheads, put it the American forum. If it is a general fab/riding/chop topic, feel free to put it in the Main forum. Pretty easy to figure out and it helps keep things organized. If you don't put your thread in the right spot, we'll move it for you or delete it if it's spam, but we'd rather not mess with your threads, so put it where it needs to be.

    2. Junk Pile.
    Anything not a Japanese motorcycle build thread, help me fix it, how to, or picture request, related goes to the Junk Pile...including look at this ebay, craigslist, or whatever monstrosity including other things like guns and girls are always worth looking at, they just don't belong in the Japanese section. Spam is just deleted.

    3. Spam
    If you want to set up a thread on here about your company or business, we've got a place for you called the Chop Market. Please do not solicit your wares in the forums. Starting threads asking people to check out your website, shop or blog outside of the Chop Market will be considered spamming. Please read "How the Chop Market" works and realize that your thread will have a poll associated with it where members of this forum can and will vote according their experience with you and your company.

    We would rather you contributed to the community here by sharing your knowledge and experience and don't treat it like your personal bill board...this also goes for wanted to buy ads, that are outside of your established build thread or not in the Classifieds. This board is for builds, Help, How to, or what shocks, pipes, etc fit my bike type of discussions.

    Blog's are also spam; if it is not in a standard build format meaning pictures and what you are doing with also don't need a blog link in every post either, it insults the intelligence of other members and shows you just want to share your blog not your bike build. There is a place for blogs a whole feature called the Blog Dump, so go there and do what you need to to get it added. Think of a build thread here as sort of a mini blog right here at ChopCult.

    4. Manners & Thick Skin.
    Personal attacks on members will not be tolerated. Dissenting opinions and robust debate are encouraged, but show other CC members some respect. There is a line where funny smart ass turns into lame and annoying, try to find that line and stay on the good side of it. If mods get legit complaints or see behavior that is out of line, you may get your post deleted, you may catch a PM asking you to mellow out or you may just find out that you've been deleted. This is at the mod's discretion. Consider it like a bar, it's there for you to have a good time but you punch someone and you are going to the curb head first. This is a tight community and there is no reason to take yourself so seriously. So, if you've got a massive ego or thin skin, you should probably stick to lurking or go elsewhere. If you see someone going too far, try to help get the thread back on track yourself or let Lisa know and we'll handle it. We are very light on moderation and want to keep it that way but will not tolerate abusive behavior to other ChopCult Members.

    5. Getting Banned.
    It takes a lot to get banned here. You probably haven't noticed, but so far a handful of guys who refused to play by CC's simple rules have been booted. After requests for civil behavior were unheeded, we had no choice. If anyone tells us often enough that they think you are a dick, or if we see you repeatedly being a dick, we'll delete your miles, your profile, your membership and will block your email and IP address so that it is difficult or impossible for you to sign back up.

    Bars throw drunk assholes out, and we reserve the right to do the same thing here.

    Alright now how do you use chop where are things? What are the features? Everything you wanted to know is right here:
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