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Help: extended fork tube spacers


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  • Help: extended fork tube spacers

    got my +4 fork tubes.

    i know i need to make a pair of 4" pvc or steel spacers for them to go on top of the springs.

    the thing im wondering about is: usually(with original tube length) the top nut is fastened to the "rod" that the spring is around.
    should i just fasten the top nut to the tube thread and dont care about that the "rod" dont lead all way up to the top nut???

    any help with this is much appreciated


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    Yeah you need to put some down force on the springs with the spacer so they don't bounce...if it could be left out they wouldn't waste the money putting them in there, to reduce operating costs. In the engineering field that means it has a vital function...before something goes to production everything is looked over to reduce costs or redesigned to, making some parts plastic was the attempt to reduce cost on the part...if it could have been nixed altogether it would have been.


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      what is this "rod" you are referring to? i actually just swapped out my tubes to +4 tubes from mikes xs today, and they go back together just as the stock ones do. the spring, given yours is original and uncut, goes in after you tighten the damper to the slider, (allen on the bottom of slider) and above the spring, goes whatever type spacer you choose to make or buy to take up the +4" that the fork tubes are now. i just went to home depot and looked around the plumbing dept. and found a 1/2 x 4" PVC fitting that would work and stuck it in last, right above the spring. put the flat washer on top of whatever spacer you end up using and screw the top cap into the fork tube. easy as that.


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        I’m curious why none of the instructional videos I’ve seen have even mentioned putting the stock metal spacer in before the spring. I just see them drop the spring in then the PVC spacer.


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