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Shovelhead generator light wiring digran needed


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  • Shovelhead generator light wiring digran needed

    Hello and thanks for your attention,
    My pal is putting together a shovel
    rigid and is using the original dash
    and speedo etc.
    What we need is an idiots guide to wiring
    up the charging/alternator light.
    Any help with this is much appreciated.
    Pics to follow.

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    If it has an alternator, no charging lamp is possible. There is no provision for one.

    If it has a generator, the charging lamp needs to be isolated from ground, and one lead from the lamp base goes to the ignition side of the ignition switch, and the other lead goes to the armature post on the generator.



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      I posted this solution awhile back

      Take a look on amazon, lotsa dif versions available and cheap: You can go w or w/o the cell phone charger outlets, etc.

      I like the version posted as it is very easy to read at a glance (night or day), you can turn the display off, it has a quick disconnect cable

      It hooks right to the battery (or to your trickle charger quick disconnect if you have one) and works with both alt and gennies Mounts on handlebars

      Got on one on my Pan and battery start 5K genny

      I never liked the genny light: Hard to see during the day and you'll need some sort of place to mount the socket

      One neg is the rubber stopper protects minimally at best. I just cover it with a sandwich baggy when washing

      Works great, had both for about 2 years now

      There are also versions that could mount right on a riser bolt top clamp
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        Yes Jim,spot on man,it is an alternator model and I was thinking when my pal said alternator light,all I could remember on the dash is High beam,neutral and oil light.
        Cant see the woods for the trees sometimes : )
        Thanks for you wake up call.
        Regards,Rubber !


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