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Improved caulking gun fork spring compressor


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  • Improved caulking gun fork spring compressor

    This was inspired by nylon circuit breaker lockout collars and works a treat. So does the other style I posted which may work better with some top triple clamps.

    Large caulking/floor adhesive gun
    Cylindrical hunk of plastic. I used some scrap Delrin but UHMW would be fine. One could also holesaw a thick stack of polyethylene washers from a plastic drum. Thick rubber matting or belt may also work. Whatever prevents scratching is what to use. The point of the puck is to protect the fork tube and bottom of the top triple clamp. I've never machined a hockey puck but one might do the job if turned to size (crude angle grinding is fine, this ain't an art project).

    Hole saws get HOT when used on plastic which dissipates heat poorly. Have a water container handy, make brief cuts and dip the saw often.

    Holesaw. drill, drill bit for pilot hole
    Angle grinder with cutting disk, bandsaw, hacksaw etc. Angle grinder greatly preferred.

    Drill pilot hole through plastic puck, then holesaw to approximate diameter of or slightly larger than your fork tube (39mm shown).
    Cut out notch to make a "C"

    The resulting collar should be a light snap fit for convenience but loose would be fine too.

    Cut C-notch in end of a good quality large style (for floor adhesive etc) caulking gun. Make it larger than the notch in the plastic protector.

    Snap collar onto fork tube, place gun over collar, use gun to hold your ratchet in place while compressing fork spring. A truly flat-backed ratchet is preferred but there aren't a lot of those and a conventional ratchet (shown) does the job fine.

    Dirt inside cut is from the paint and crud on the holesaw I used (this was done quick, not pretty) and left for the pics because it highlights the inside contour.
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    Great trick Farmall, I’ve actually got a set of 35mm forks that I’ve been meaning to put back together and that’s a damn handy trick I’ll use versus the ol’ push like a fuckin gorilla on a socket and hopefully get a few threads started. I’m sure it’ll save me quite a few explicits during the process at least.


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      This is too cool. Thanks for sharing. Next time I'm dealing with some fork tubes I will be making your tool.


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