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Harbor Freight bike jack adapter pad from scrap wood.


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  • Harbor Freight bike jack adapter pad from scrap wood.

    My bro had a Capri transaxle to install and no transmission jack. The Harbor Freight bike jacks (and others) use rails since there is limited need for a plate style jack on bikes. It worked perfectly.

    Wood between metal objects slightly conforms and doesn't tend to slip so I grabbed some scrap and we screwed this together. The short pieces on the pad bottom positively locate the pad in the jack so it cannot slide and dump the load.. While it adds some height it's also higher friction than slippery metal so I'd use it on any bike or machine it fits under. Adapting to modern frame styles including those with no frame below the engine would be easy and wood won't beat up castings.

    Rim + wood blocks in right corner is far more stable than jack stands (I gave my stands away long ago) for vehicle and other support even in a sand yard since rims don't tip or crush and (as with the jack) wood between load and rim prevents slippage.
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    Thanks for this. Simple solution to a stupid problem.


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