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    Go check out part 2 it kind of slays part one! Still a lot of room for improvement, but considering this is the first video I have ever put together and edited I am pretty happy with it. The second part is a lot more fast paced with multiple camera angles and such. I learnt a lot by the time I was half way done filming and editing...


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      Our points covers are in the webstore order one and put a piece of class on your ride! Really you can get these awesome hand made brass part for only $65! They are thick and beefy too not like that cheap tin thing you have been running!

      Click image for larger version

Name:	D6C Brass Points Cover Big Cartel Size.jpg
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        Check out our drag bars we have them in 1" and 7/8" they measure 22" wide 4 1/2" pull back. These look rad on some tall risers with the bends sloping down! Raw $50 Powder Coated $80 Stainless $120

        Click image for larger version

Name:	D6C Drag Bars.jpg
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          We are in the middle of getting our new website up and running. We have pieced it together our selves and it still needs some work but take a minute and check it out. We still have a few items to list up but it is very close to complete and absolutly beats the pants off our Big Cartel Shopping cart! And you can learn more about our services we offer and parts we make such as our Fork Lower Shaving Service

          Click image for larger version

Name:	D6C_Shaved&Grooved_fork_lowers_bc_size.jpg
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            We have been working hard to get our new website up to speed! Like our products it has been built 100% in house. We revise, update and or add content at least 3 days a week. Check us out!

            We are the only ones offering Products like these Brass Handgrips with our Dark Days Finish

            And these Hexing HandGrips Available in Brass and Aluminum

            We also offer a number of machine shop services including splitting rocker boxes and the infamous faux split rocker box.


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              Custom Wheel Spacers

              Kicker conversions. We can add a kick pedal to your kicker.

              A set of brass we did for Billy D from Hellmuts a few years ago. His bike has been getting a bit of attention and we can see why...

              We shave those fork legs and offer other machine shop services. Here is a set retaining the brake mount.

              We can get fancy with those legs too! Oh and look how good they look with our other parts...

              Here is a shot of one of our rabbit ear cross bar while building a set of bars.


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                Warning if you are considering using DeepSixCycles

                Warning if you are considering using DeepSixCycles.

                I have used quite a few cycle vendors over the years, many listed in this area of the forum. I have always had good results and have never been ripped off. As with any business once in awhile somebody is not going to be happy for some reason or another, but just to take your parts and leave me hanging...that is what deep six has done. I have read where others have had good results with Tom @ deep six and I'm sure the work was good. In my case I was looking for someone to shave the set of forks I have for my 74 sportster. I contacted Hugh at Hugh's Handbuilt. He promptly emailed me back stating he is really backed up with lathe work and recommended Tom at deep six. I emailed Tom @ deep six and he replied promptly he is happy to do the forks. I sent them off to him on Oct 12 of 2015 and paid the $203 with my credit card on his website. He emailed me on 11/4/15 he has the forks and plans on having them finished by the middle of the next week. (he also emailed me a few other times as I asked about getting a set of his dark day grips that look awesome).

                I have not heard from him since, I have emailed many times different email addresses. No answer via email or phone. I even contacted Hugh who recommended him. I was thinking maybe he got sick or something. Hugh said he just saw him the other day around town, so being sick or something is not the problem. He even called Tom for me and left message as he feels bad this has happened. No response....I even asked him to forget the work and just send me back my forks...nothing...

                So beware if you are considering using him. Right now I am out;

                $203, a set of forks and the $12 to ship them.

                As it has been 3 months now I just bought a used set of forks on Ebay so I can finish my bike. Add that $120 to the cost of this mess.

                I am not here to curse him out. He knows he what he has done and is apparently OK with it.
                I would find another source before paying for anything on his website.


                UPDATE MAY 27, 2016

                Well nearly 8 months after I shipped my forks I got them back a couple days ago, the work was done, C.O.D. $42 shipping.
                One expensive set of forks I no longer need. While I am not happy with this whole ordeal I did want to at least put it out that I did get the forks back.
                Last edited by BudBike; 05-27-2016, 1:12 PM. Reason: update on the vendor


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                  Sent my 35mm lowers in to be shaved 2 months ago, I’ve tried calling and left messages, emails too. No response. I’m out a set of lowers and $220 and I had to buy another set on eBay for $200. Fuck this guy


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                    Buyer beware

                    Ya'll, I'm sorry I ever made a recommendation for Tom Bowie of Deep Six Cycles...

                    I get emails once every 6 months or so, asking if I could get ahold of him or see about getting forks returned, etc...

                    Damn shame, dude is talented, but business is something he's not cut out for...

                    I hate hate hate getting these emails, but at one time I recommended him, so it makes sense...

                    BUYER BEWARE! Never send money first, or ever really....


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