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  • Lowbrow Customs Fuel Reserve Bottle Carrier


    Check out the details here.

    Increase the convenience of your Lowbrow Fuel Reserve Bottle by making it easy to stow on your bike for a quick jaunt around town or for a month on the road. This Fuel Reserve Bottle Holder is made of ballistic nylon and securely cradles your fuel bottle with two heavy-duty velcro straps and a cord closure at the top. Two more nylon and velcro straps are included and will affix your fuel reserve bottle securely to your front forks, sissy bar, or anywhere else you see fit. The prototype was tested on a cross-country, 3,000 mile jaunt with no issues at all, and came in handy multiple times.



    • Nice shop


      • Triumph 650 Clutch Inspection & Service

        So, you just dragged home a that crusty Triumph or Harley from some craigslist ad and you get her running. As you set out for your maiden voyage and you pull the clutch lever in, nothing happens and the bike dies. The likely answer to your problem is your clutch plates are stuck together from sitting in some Joe Schmo’s garage the past 10 plus years. Todd purchased a pretty raw 1970 Triumph 650 chopper at our last swap & meet and low and behold that same scenario happened to him. So we are going to walk you through on what to inspect and replace under that primary cover “to make her ride like the wind”.

        Todd's new 1970 Triumph 650 chopper with stuck clutch plates.

        First order of business you have to see what evil lurks underneath the primary cover by actually removing it. It is easiest on this bike to simply remove the rear motor mount plate and leave the brake pedal and peg attached to gain access for removal of the primary cover. It is held by two bolts to the motor and one nut to the frame.

        Todd removing the rear motor mount with foot and brake assembly left attached.

        Now that we have the rear motor mount plate off, remove that pesky cover. Todd chose to put a drip pan underneath the bike instead of draining it because you are going to have to clean it up anyway.

        There are 3 types of bolts to remove, you will need 3/16 and 1/4 inch allen along with a 1/4 whitworth wrench.

        Once removed do a once over on the primary cover and look for cracks near the front 2 larger holes where the studs come through, they are prone to cracking there from over tightening.

        Todd showing one of the places to check your primary cover on the inside.

        It’s always good to do a quick visual inspection of the clutch components once the primary cover has been removed before disassembling the components.

        Notable things to look at right away when removing the primary cover.

        One thing in particular Todd noticed right away was how far the primary shoe was adjusted upwards on this particular bike. This is one indication of a chain being beyond it’s useful life. We have new primary chains available here at along with a tons of replacement parts and tools to help you restore your clutch back to new. If the primary chain tensioner shoe is worn out really bad we also suggest to replace that as well.

        To see the rest of this helpful tech tip swing on over to Lowbrow Customs.


        • How to install: Cycle standard blackbird gas tanks on a harley-davidson sportster

          Today we are going to be installing a Cycle Standard Blackbird Slimline Gas Tank on a 2006 Harley-Davidson Sportster. Most of this information will work well for installation on 86 to 03 models as well. You can refer to our tech tip on how to install a Cole Foster Gas tank if you are installing a Blackbird Gas Tank on an 07 and up Sportster with EFI for help with the fuel filter module replacement.

          Blackbird gas tanks fit 86-03, 04-06, and 07 and up Sportster models.
          Blackbird Slimline Gas tanks fit 86-03 and 04-06 Sportster models. Plus we offer a universal tank, which means you will need to fabricate mounts to fit your specific motorcycle. The Black Bird Slimline Gas tanks cannot be used with EFI.

          Tools needed for the job:

          A flathead screw driver
          3/8 Inch drive ratchet
          Socket wrench extension if needed
          1/2 inch wrench
          1/4 inch allen socket

          Always pressure test a new tank and do a trial fitting on your bike first before sending it off to paint. Tanks are pressure tested at the factory, but it is highly recommended you or your painter pressure test it again before painting; it's cheap insurance! This will also save you from any fitment issues or surprises causing paint damage or touchups.

          Removing Old Tank

          First step, remove the seat, this model has a Biltwell HB Black Diamond Seat.

          Step 1: Remove your seat for easy access to the bolt on backbone of the frame. This also leaves room to move the tanks on and off a lot easier.

          Todd removing the rear bolt first.

          Step 2: Remove rear bolt from backbone of the frame holding on the tank using 1/4 inch allen socket and 1/2 inch wrench.

          Todd removing the front bolt of the gas tank.

          Step 3: Remove front bolt holding the tank on using 1/4 inch allen socket and 1/2 wrench.

          Unplug the anti-vapor valve hose.

          Step 4: Check if the tank has an anit-vapor valve hose attached to the tank. Unplug the anti-vapor valve hose from the tank.

          Remove the fuel line from the petcock.

          Step 5: Using a flat head screwdriver, loosen hose clamp on the fuel line and push it down past the nipple of the petcock. Pull the fuel line downward and it will unplug from the petcock. *Make sure to turn petcock to the off position before removing the fuel line.

          To see the rest of this helpful tech tip swing on over to Lowbrow Customs.


          • Right after Christmas I came home to find a package from Lowbrow. I was absolutely clueless what it was because I hadn't ordered anything recently. Inside was a gift and a handwritten note from Tyler. Every time I've called, or been to their warehouse, their hospitality and helpfulness has been absolutely through the roof. If I have the option to buy from them, I always will, even if the price is a little more (which is never the case), just because of how they do business. I could sit here and fan-girl about them all day, but I got shit to do.


            • I have bought several items from Lowbrow and have always been very pleased with their helpful customer service. Very friendly nice people there and they are close to me so I can stop in instead of shipping. Kudos to Lowbrow!


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                The dyna shotguns fit great and sound great thanks Tyler and everyone at lowbrow


                • Looks great! Thanks for letting us know, and for the photos!


                  • Louvered Air Cleaners for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles


                    Available in your choice of black or chrome, this classic Louvered Air Cleaner is made to fit a CV carburetor and EFI throttle body, as found on 1991-2015 Harley-Davidson XL Sportsters, 2004-2015 FXD Dyna, and 1993-2006 Big Twins. They are also available for S&S Super E and G carburetors. Included are a black powdercoated backing plate, paper filter, black powdercoated louvered air cleaner cover with mounting bolt, mounting hardware and a carb-to-backing-plate gasket. The backing plate uses low-profile, stainless steel allen head bolts (included) to mount to your carburetor. This well engineered air cleaner is inexpensive but oozes style, what else could you want? The air cleaner measures 4-5/8" wide by 2-1/4" tall.


                    • Lowbrow Cistoms

                      Most y'all said it all!
                      Need I say more.


                      • Originally posted by WayneTahiti
                        Ive ordered a couple of things and always gotten them right away. My favorite piece of swag from them? Lowbrow comb.


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