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    Wow, so apparently it's been about six years since I last operated my business (Primordial Cycles). Some of you might remember me, but I took a good break from things after my youngest daughter was born...that said, I've been working on spinning things up again. I still have to check with them, but some of the vendors I had lined up in the past included Biltwell, Samson Exhaust, V-Twin Mfg, and Mid-USA. I'm definitely looking to add new vendors, so let me know if there's one you'd like me to look into.

    Selling Harley parts isn't my only business though. I also operate Holy City Performance for the automotive market, and Tactical Mounting Solutions for tactical field gear and tactical vehicle mounts for security and safety.

    The big news is that my lathe & mill will be here Tuesday 7 Aug 2018, so only three more days to go! Granted, I have to buy a chain fall to lift the machine onto its stand, and I have to wire up a 220v power circuit, but hopefully that will be fairly easy. I'm also looking into a 3D printer for rapid prototyping, but for now I'll focus on the machining side of things.

    With that said, I'm looking for a few people that have something in mind they would like machined. Please send me a description of the item you want, and any drawings (computer/CAD files or hand drawn). Obviously the info will have to be legible. Sell me on your idea though. Why do you need this part, what capabilities will it provide, and why I should choose you. I am looking for an application-type proposal, at least one paragraph on what the part is, at least one paragraph on why I should choose you, and at least one paragraph on what capabilities the parts will provide. Be sure to include preferred sizes and materials. Cost for the item(s) made through this promotion will be free of labor charges, so you just pay for the materials used.

    I'm not sure how many people & products I'll choose, or how often I'll run the offer, but I'm planning at this point to make it a relatively regular thing. For this promotion, I would prefer to make at least one thing for a Sportster, but I'm open to anything with just two wheels. Outside of the promotion, I'd be more than happy to make items for cars, trucks, Jeeps, home/office, garage, gifts, etc. Basically, I'm looking at building a portfolio of products I've made to demonstrate my capabilities.

    NOTE: any designs manufactured through this promotion will become the sole property of Primordial Cycles and associated family of companies. If you would like to retain ownership of the idea/design, please contact me directly to discuss possible options, but the item/part will not be eligible for this program.


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