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After a ride in the shadow lands , I am back and ready to ride again


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  • After a ride in the shadow lands , I am back and ready to ride again

    Hey y’all

    After a ride in the shadows , life , friends and a new start gives me the chance to join you all again . I have built over a 100 European bikes , raced at Bonneville and Maxton under the name of Briton Bees . Now I am back in California, in Oakland with a few basket bikes and enough parts and a title to finally build again and see where this rodeo takes me . I am building under the name of Motoralchemy. I have built 2 strokes , Vincents , Triumphs, BSAs, Nortons, Matchless, Royal Enfields, J.A..P , Ducatis, Benelis, Motobecanes, Motocomforts, and a couple Harleys . My passion is classic and Vintage Bikes . Any how my Racing buddies have gathered up enough basket parts for me to build 1 if not 2 BMWs . Currently building a 1972 BMW R75/5 street Racer , I usually build my bikes 90% race 10% street . This will be my person Build , the 750 motor will get the 1000cc jugs / cylinders , modified crank , and will get the 336 racing camshaft , I got a pair of 40 mm Mikuni carbs and 1/4 throttle assembly , just traded some parts for a 5 speed gear box and I am the process of determining the best final drive ratio probably will have to end up making my own 34/11 . Electronic ignition and digital charging system , anti gravity battery . I already made a new rear loop , and made a racing seat . I will be using Omega for the exhaust . I will shorten the front end 1 1/4” to 1 1/2” , custom wiring harness , and a sweet little trick for the front light assembly . Anyways glad to be here again . Cheers
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    Are those actual pics of your build? Welcome back, but man, you need to get out of Cali


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