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TRIUMPH OIF BUILD. Can anyone tell me about this frame


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  • TRIUMPH OIF BUILD. Can anyone tell me about this frame

    Starting my first build. Got this frame off a guy for 50$ I have since sandblasted it and started to begin minor welding repairs and such but as I am getting ready for first mock up but my question is what is going on with this bracket they got welded on to the back of the oil tank? I’m assuming they took off the rear mount to use the sides but this is different from every other oif hardtail I’ve seen? Wondering if I should just cut it off but figured I’d try and ask around before I go fcking shit up.

    First build I’m a noob would appreciate any and all knowledge y’all got for me🙏Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    maybe for mounting electrics? nice Fury springer.

    Click image for larger version

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      Standard warning question, does the frame have a title? Title passes with frame on Triumphs.


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        Don’t believe we have titles up here in Canada. Frame still has original vin


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          Originally posted by Triumphchop420
          Don’t believe we have titles up here in Canada. Frame still has original vin
          referred to vehicle registration up here in Canada - same as they have down there, just a different term - title.

          Do you have a copy of the previous owner's registration? Have you registered it yet? Once you get insurance, probably over the phone with your current vehicle/home insurance broker, then to Motor Vehicles for registration in your name. May only need a bill of sale depending where you are in Canada.


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            Okay okay yeah just bill of sale I believe. Nothing on bike is going to be numbers matching. As motor is from old bike ive sold everything else off off and now this new frame I’ve came up on. From what I’ve been told I will have to run it as an “as built motorcycle”


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              A couple things on that frame, #1) NEVER EVER EVER Sandblast an oil tank! Dip it or use paint stripper, but dont use abrasive media. NEVER.! In case you hadnt noticed that main frame tube IS the oil tank. Gonna be tricky getting it clean enough to run oil in now. *

              #2) Those frames had cracking issues., typically around the swing arm pivot boss and where the main frame terminates vertically at the base behind the motor. When I have them apart I make some sleeves to beef them up and brace them, weld in place. Thin oil tank tubing as a structural member is an issue so its a proven liability, but after adding braces, and done right, most people dont notice or see them.

              #3) A tangent, But that design was a huge deal in the transition to that wet style frame, usually called OIF (Oil in Frame) and was badly executed by Triumph/BSA. Basically beginning of the end of Triumph, and BSA went tits up in 73. But the frame design is valid, and common with many other frames such as Trackmaster.
              However, the original design (Designated P-39) called for the oil filler to be up near the steering neck, BSA B50 frames and the Hybrid Trophy Trails kept their filler necks there. (Trophy Trail was a Triumph 500 twin motor in a BSA B50 single frame)

              But the Twins 650s relocated the filler ahead of the seat, behind the gas tank substantially reducing oil volume. Those frames are renewed in popularity as many people are building Trackmaster street tracker replicas out of them, often painting the frames silver to replicate the nickel plate.

              Click image for larger version

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              You CAN relocate the filler neck back where it should have been, and fix the oil return routing. Im doing a couple that way.
              * One is a Street tracker that was never released in the US, and could & Should have been a sales hit, the TR65 and TR7 Tiger Trail dual sports. See:

              Click image for larger version

Name:	1983_TriumphTR65T_Tiger_Trail_650_motorcycle.jpg
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Name:	TriumphTigertrail82-tr.jpg
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              Anyrate, to specifically address your issue, I dont see any purpose for that ugly ass bracket. It is possible someone was going to run a vertical exterior oil tank, or a electrical box? But its not a common mod, so cut it off as you like, But be aware,, the frame tube MIGHT be compromised from the welding I see there. Tread very carefully, use a cutting disc and leak test.

              At one time, OIF bobbers or chops were universally mocked and ridiculed. However, over time some very nice bikes have been built using the OIF, the only issue is properly attaching the hard tail, so some expert welding and fab needed. Many pictures on the net (Google search-Images) or I have some as well I can dig up,

              I DO have a OIF Triumph frame I got from a shop that was old inventory. It had a problem where a stock Triumph tank wouldnt fit and hit the hard tail section, so the shop switched to a aftermarket frame. I cut out the problem area and need to finish bracing it. I started mocking it up 2 years ago for a build but got sidetracked and still not finished, But if you need more info, let me know.

              * NOW..... to address your oil issue. A) Run a exterior oil tank, B) Spend a lot of time cleaning. I have a OIF cafe project the previous owner blasted and powder coated. I spent a lot of time with a steam cleaner blasting it with 110 deg F steaming hot water and soap, followed by several baths up inside of diesel and kerosene, and then plumbed up a solvent pump and cycled solvent thru it for hours at a time with frequent rinses.

              When we built it, I converted the base to a filter conversion using a long fuel filter to a modified sump base plate so no media can get into the oil stream. A business in the UK sells those kits. But a inline feed filter is not ideal. a regular oil filter on the return side is best, but we used a fairly porous fuel filter so it wont restrict oil flow.

              I can go into details on filters if you like...............


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