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97 sporty 18 to 21 wheel alignment


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  • 97 sporty 18 to 21 wheel alignment

    Picked up a 21 inch wheel for my 97 sporty(factory 18inch), wheels (came as a set) were sold to me as “evo sportster custom wheels”. Now I knew I wasn’t going to be able to use my original wheel spacer, as the 18 has recessed bearings and the 21 doesn’t. Pick up a universal axle spacer kit, and with the provided spacers using one on the brake side (running brakeless front rip) it’s perfect (visually). I went to my local HD dealer for info, was basically told “your bikes too old we can’t help you “.

    1. Can I run the wheel as is,with a spacer on just the one side?

    2. Does any have the correct dimensions for the correct spacers if, if the answer to questions 1 is “no” ?

    3. Could I have been sold the wrong wheels? 3/4 axle 100% HD identical my buddy’s old sporty custom.

    Click image for larger version

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    1) On your front end, the axle spacer on the left side (your 2nd pic) sets the location of the wheel in the fork. So, you have that part right. The axle spacer (if any) on the right side sets the location of the axle in the assembly. I.e., if the axle is too far to the left, you need to add a little right side spacer to correct it. If the axle is too far to the right, you need to remove a little spacer, or even turn the shoulder of the axle back to get correct location.

    2) You are attempting to replace Timken bearing wheels ('73 - '99) with ball bearing wheels ('00 - up), which has been done many times, but YOYO.

    3) Those aren't THE wheels for your model bike, but the swap has been done many times now, see answer #2, above.

    I think ya got it.



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      So if I understand correctly, I CAN run no spacer on the right (opposite of “brake side”) ? Thank you in advance


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        The right side spacer, if any, bears against the shoulder of the axle, NOT the fork leg. So, if you are happy with the axle location, button it up & call it good.



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          Right on man thanks again ��


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