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Sportster clutch nut


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  • Sportster clutch nut

    I’m trying to remove primary drive (sprocket chain and clutch assembly) from 1996 883 with engine out of the bike. Clutch plates are pulled out. I removed the sprocket nut using a locking tool wedged between sprockets. But now when I attempt to remove clutch nut it just spins the belt drive sprocket on the other side. The locking tool has no effect. and because the engine is out of the bike, there is no belt to hold the belt sprocket in place so it just spins thru the transmission. What is the smart way to remove the left handed clutch nut with engine removed from frame? Also gonna want to remove belt drive sprocket. I was thinking put a socket on each side but don’t want to damage anything so I’m not sure. Thank you for any advise

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    I’m thinking if I put the plates back in I can lock the sprocket up with the locking tool? Plates are old and dry at this point and I don’t want to damage anything besides my brain


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      Yes, it is easiest to remove the clutch as an assembly, because the locking bar will hold it.

      But, you can rattle-gun the nut off, it won't hurt anything.

      I regularly use an impact wrench to disassemble components, especially on the bench. HOWEVER, I do not assemble anything with impact tools.



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        Second JBinNC on this one, few good shocks from an impact is my go to in these situations.


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          I had my engine in the exact same position as you and got my final drive sprocket off using my pneumatic air drill. If you've already got the air compressor then the drill is only $40 at harbor freight.


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            Hopping on this thread since I went through this someone recently too. My air impact tool couldn't take the clutch nut off, probably cause my compressor only goes up to 120psi.

            I ended up getting a cordless impact tool, basically found the cheapest most high powered impact tool with a 1/2" drive. Got a Porter Cable 20V impact gun, and it had the clutch and crank nuts off like they were nothing. It's ben my go-to impact tool for like 2 years now. Powerful enough to take wheel lugs off and everything. Highly recommend.


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