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  • Vp clutch

    Anyone have experience or insight on a variable pressure clutch? I was told it takes strain off the transmission which can be prone to failure on the 03 and earlier evo sportster. I have an extra plate clutch kit in my 05 but i believe vp clutch goes on top of that and is something totally different is it worth looking into buying? If so what is a good brand? Thanks for any responses

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    ALL the horsepower and torque goes through the transmission, so I don't think the clutch type will save it at all. Having wrenched XL based drag bikes for years, I can say that the XL 5-speed is one strong gearbox.

    Most any centrifugal clutch hat on an XL clutch usually require extra clearance at the outer primary cover. That is a fabrication and welding job.



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      I see, my neighbor has a 1980 shovelhead with jockey shift and he said his has a centrifugal clutch so when he is in first gear it doesn’t get as difficult if he’s stopped going uphill or something is this a similar deal? I only half ass understood what he was talking about but I think it’s like basically he doesn’t have to pull the clutch in first gear and it won’t stall out


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        He just got the bike and it’s a project and not running so I been asking him stuff but I think he’s kind of trying to figure it out too at the same time. It’s definitely a way different bike than the sportster so most of what I have learned doesn’t translate.

        But I had seen a video on YouTube if a guy that put a VP clutch on his sportster and he claims it helps it not jump out in first on the older sportsters, I know the Detent plate can be a problem and supposedly 1st and 3rd gear dogs can also get chipped up on those? The YouTube guy was Japanese so some of the stuff was hard to understand but I’m just trying to learn wherever I can and he has some good ideas I’ll find the video and post it when I get a second to search it out
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          is this referring to a rekluse type of clutch?
          i thought about one seeing that finding neutral is pretty difficult and i have carpal tunnel in my left hand.
          the clutch kit is like $1k though


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