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1991 Sportster mild build


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  • 1991 Sportster mild build

    I built a UK style hardtail Sporty 2 years ago build thread here: which was my first time building a bike, long story short, I should have built more of a chopper, than a bobber, blew far too much $$$ for what it ended up being and sold it about a year later after putting maybe 500 miles on the finished bike.

    I’ve been wanting a grocery getter reliable sportster for the last few months, and have some ideas for a build. I wanted an aggressive runner, keeping rear suspension this time around (for now), but want +2 inches in front 11 inch shocks rear, prism sissy bar, 8 inch rise T bars, a classic style 2 up seat, just a classic looking clean sportster with a built motor.

    I live in Sacramento CA, the used Harley market here is bad, really bad. Everyone thinks their fair condition stock 98 883 hugger is worth at least 5,000, 100 year anniversary add another 2k. Anything under $4500, has some wacky shit done do it and or huge backfees. So after weeks of searching and being let down on several bikes I found a 1991 xl883 that was pretty clean, buyer asking $3,200 which I though was pretty fair, I negotiated a price a $2600 before going because it was a couple hours away. Once arriving I learned that the seller was the original owner, the bike appeared to be stock, but the seller had a folder which had the original invoice from Bob Dron Harley, the factory manual, every service record AND……receipts of an S&S 1200 kit, Andrews cams, and dyno charts, bike made nearly 80 HP and 80 TQ at the wheel, all installed by a reputable shop in Oakland CA back in 1999, the mileage at the time of the build was 13,000 and the bike currently has 15,000. Other than that the bike was completely stock.

    It had been sitting since 2004, so tired we’re rotted but other than that after replacing the plugs, changing the oil and brake fluid, and cleaning the carb, it runs perfect.

    Have a shit load of parts on the way. Will update this thread for anyone interested. Tomorrow will be a post of all parts ordered so far, enjoy!

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Love Sporty builds, for them I am partial to long, low, and lean myself. Looking forward to seeing what you end up with.


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      This is my 3rd sportster, I’m most excited for this one given the motor it came it, I already ordered 1,500 in parts. I’m super excited.


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        hopefully you show us how you recycle the rear tire...


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          Haha, possibly. We’ll see. It’s pretty shot, cracked sidewalls etc, burnouts might not be a great idea.


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            Here’s a list of parts on their way,

            Avon MKII 19x3.5 front tire
            Shinko 270 5.00 rear tire
            Lowbrow 8 inch T bars
            Lowbrow solid bar mount bushings
            Lowbrow undrilled rear fender 86-03 sporty
            Lowbrow sparto tail light
            prism supply 18 inch sissy bar (tall)
            Progressive 11.5 rear shocks (lightly used from a homie)
            Lowbrow choke relocation bracket
            Gas box motor mount coil relocate
            Lowbrow spark plug wires cloth
            Lowbrow AMF gum color grips
            Biltwell Whiskey throttle

            Need to order
            Sportster treatment wiring harness
            Levers probably TC bros ones (hate the huge Harley levers)
            Air cleaner, either moneyed no name, or old stf still undecided and breather bolts mounting plate etc
            2.9 gallon King sportster tank
            Led headlight
            Seat, also undecided, I want a 2 up seat for sure, if they still made the le pera Cherokee for 86-03 I’d get that, or may go with the saddlement hog killer.
            Going to need brake line and possibly clutch cable.

            Tires coming tomorrow, so figured I’d get a head start.
            Click image for larger version

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              So I finished up the bike on Thursday and did about 200 miles on it this weekend and couldn’t be happier. Ran into a handful of problems building it, the inside of the tank was shot, 17 year old gas, so I got that cleaned out, the bike had a bad big at lower rpm’s so after a few attempts of cleaning up the carb I put in new jets and adjusted the float. I’m still having some kind of issue with the gas, it’s just pours out the vent hole if the bike is off, so as long as I turn off the pet cock it’s fine.

              Mostly just bolt on stuff from a stock base (aside from the 1200 kit and cams)

              Duracell battery
              Front brake line
              12 inch rear shocks
              8 inch low brow t bars
              Biltwell throttle
              Gremlin sportster treatment wiring
              Sparto tail light
              Shinko 270 rear tire
              Avon 3.5 speadmaster front tire
              Coil relocation mount gasbox
              Lowbrow spark plugs
              Prism sissy bar
              Lowbrow AMF grips
              Led headlight
              Bobbed rear fender
              Bates choke mount
              Thrashin bar bag

              I’d still like to do maybe 1-2 inch over up front
              New air cleaner
              And a more performance style seat

              Here it is though Click image for larger version

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ID:	1322812Click image for larger version

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