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    Originally posted by Clawhammercycle
    Shit man i dont remember but i do remember contacting low brow at ask…. Let ne see if i can dig up the email. Whatever i did i had to grind it down a couple times the get the proper gap.

    I cant find the email. What year you got? Mine slide in fine, then had to clamp the lower rails and get them in and then sent it home with a dead blow hammer. Then the engine tightened it all up.


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      im bored so ill throw up some updates. bike has been through some changes since last post.

      lowered the front forks 2” for a lower stance. full tear down of the bike for paint. mounted a mid tunnel tank. had a heavy discount coupon to lowbrow and got some cheap pipes. gonna weld up some of my own eventually. ran my front brake lone internally in the handlebars. might think of some other stuff i changed. ill post it up.

      starting on my shovel build now but slowly making fine changes to the sporty at the same time. next up is shaving the fork lowers of fender tabs and making a custom sissy bar. Click image for larger version

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