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1971 xlch clutch problems


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  • 1971 xlch clutch problems

    My clutch doesn’t seem to be engaging all the way right when you put it in first it starts to move and if you don’t put it in neutral before stopping it’ll stall. Any thoughts on that that could be. Clutch already been adjusted it’s definitely internal thanks. Click image for larger version

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    Couple things with those clutches.

    The steels are thin and warp or develop hot spots, and so should probably be replaced when the fiber plates are replaced.

    The Kevlar fiber plates will cause an XL clutch to DRAG, DRAG, DRAG, even if everything else in the clutch is perfect. If you have those, changing to anything else will be an improvement.

    The '71 clutch used captured nuts to adjust pressure plate height, but most have been upfitted with the thin tube spacers from the later clutches. These can be damaged by the hamfisted.

    The clutch lever and perch need to be in good condition so that you get as much cable movement as possible (which ain't much).

    Lastly, too much oil in the primary/ transmission will cause the clutch to drag. The motor pulls excess oil out through a one-way breather valve near the primary chain shoe. This needs to work, or you will get a wet-sumped primary, and/ or the motor won't draw the excess oil out.

    That should keep you busy for a bit.


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      Thanks I appreciate it!


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