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Bad-Boy 92 inch 1952 Pan


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    This is joyful to read. You, sir, are a wizard.


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      Much thanks ...

      At the moment I hadn't found a "Magic Wand" on the Snap-On truck ...
      (Hadn't been from the lack of looking)

      But didn't slow me up much on ... "Conjuring up Creativity"

      ... /// \\\ ...
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        Got around to lapping the pinion case race today ...

        Didn't take very many spins to see the satin look all the way around the ID ... All trace ware is gone ...

        Ok ... Alright ... Going to try and keep the case race that the motor case has in it now .. I tried to do what's know as a plug fit ... That's not working out all that well cause the case race is already worn out past .0006" oversize bearings ... Which happens to be the largest size I have on hand .. Gotta order the .0008" and .001" bearings .. Hoping that using one of those sizes will allow me to see .0005" to .001" running fit. ... Found some of Dixie's old stock and got them coming .. Boys, I miss Harry something bad ...

        Cut in some oil lead in ramps. .. Could have went 360* in the bushing, but just a bit more oil going to the rods/bores wont be over working the cast iron oil pump ... Did install speed up gears on the pump .. Increases flow rate by 25%

        .. Done for the day, time to Bop ...

        ... /// \\\ ...

        Those Girls are Bad .. !!
        ... /// \\\ ...
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          I knew it was going to be close ... But dang .. !!

          Using the max oversize bearings available, got right at 0.001" running fit ... That's as far as that case race can go.

          If it was a tenth over the max 0.001" running fit, I'd be replacing the race with a new one ..
          __________________________________________________ _____

          Moving forward with the motor build was to check the breather timing ...
          Since it was running a stroke before (4-5/8") the case window had some trimming done on it already.

          Mocked up the flywheels and installed a degree wheel ...

          Check showed; Opens at 18 degrees ATDC, closes at 96 degrees ABDC ...
          Again, it was on the far edge of specks ...
          __________________________________________________ __

          Did get the case drilled for lowering the top end oil drains ..

          Just a few more holes ..
          ... /// \\\ ...

          Also a check on the crankpin nut swing ...

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            The checks for rod swing showed that some work was needed in that area ..
            Had some work done when the 4-5/8" stroke was installed, but now we have a whole new ballgame with the 4-3/4" stroke and Carrillo Rods ...

            These H-Beam rods are a bit fatter than the S&S rods ..

            Going to grind till I have .060" between the moving parts ..
            Got lucky with the pistons at the kiss point of the swing, no need to grind any on them ..

            Sometimes ya just have to think like a Pirate to work on old iron ..
            ... /// \\\ ...

            Getting a few numbers down for the balance chart ...

            Now that I know the pistons don't need to be modified can add a few more numbers to the chart ..

            Front rod needed some swinging room too ..

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              Got the Acc program loaded on my new computer...
              Yippy, can load more numbers onto the chart now ..

              And the numbers are ....

              Now to go a step further with matching the recips of both Pistons/Rods ... Here's how that's done ...

              See the recip weight number for the front rod in the chart ..
              It's 232 grams, the rear recip is 238 that's 6 grams diff. ... Weighed the front piston and the rear, got 1.5 grams diff. on them ..
              That's a total of 7.5 grams ... By removing 7.5 grams from the rear piston and/or recip part of the rear rod, we will have attain a match on the recip weights of both Pistons/Rods combo ...

              Pulled all 7.5 grams from the piston ...

              New chart reflecting the 7.5 grams that has been removed ..

              Time for some holes to be drilled ..

              That's one ...

              When I first seen the drop on the balance stand, had the thought of adding a slug of Mallory metal to the light side ... But those slugs are not cheap by no means ...
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                Been very busy on this motor job .. Ready to build up the crank ..

                Sprocket shaft nut will see 400 ft pounds of torque on it ..

                Over the years of wrenching on these oldies, I would wager to say that I seen over 25 sprocket shafts that have spun in the wheel..

                Guessing that's why the Mo-Co in 73 started using a larger taper on the sprocket shaft ..
                The Big Twin was gaining some ponies in the late 50's and 60's ..
                Harley knew that they had an issue with the old design and was time to step up to the plate with a hardier design capable of staying together under hard usage ...

                Had a well known "Drag Racer" tell me in order to help keep the shafts from spinning he would use battery acid on the tapers .... Think I'll stick to using 609 Loctite .. !!

                Take my 45 and outrun em all ..


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                  What kind of software are you using there?

                  Is it the same one that does your dyno calculations?


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                    Originally posted by confab
                    What kind of software are you using there?

                    Is it the same one that does your dyno calculations?
                    It is ....
                    Does come in super handy with having the flywheel balance, camshaft, gearing and cylinder heads programs at your fingertips ...

                    ... /// \\\ ...
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                      Crank is all in one piece now ...

                      Torque numbers;
                      Sprocket Shaft 400 ft-lbs
                      Pinion Shaft 180 ft-lbs
                      Crankpin 250 ft-lbs

                      Side play on female rod .020", Runout less than .001"

                      Getting around to prepping the motor case for laying on the powder ..
                      Edit; No powder, did a polish job on em ...

                      Be on it for awhile .. Powder is on the way from Eastwood ...
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                        Just about done with the roughing in ...
                        Had a few welds to do .. But it's downhill now ..

                        Got the case vent done .. Wanted no problems venting 92 cubies so I choose to use a 1/2" barbed hose fitting ...


                        The Eastwood powder showed up today ..

                        Not anywhere close to being ready to shoot it ..
                        Case prep will take some time to accomplish ...
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                          Loving the thread and man that's a lot of hard work for someone else to enjoy, great job.


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                            Glad you're finding the thread entertaining ...

                            The owner said to make it super slick and ......

                            I said .....

                            "OK" ... How bad do ya want it to be .. ??

                            Not at all sure what the motor will find a home in, but however, I got a feeling it will be super nice ..

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                              Been so busy with the trannys that I kinda put this build on the back burner for a while ..

                              Got a new tool for the work table that will allow for a bit more comfort with handling the motor while building it ...

                              Soon will get around to powder-coating the lower end, it's almost done with the prepping part of the job ..
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                                OK ...

                                Time to put that new stand to use ...

                                Pushrod covers are just in time for "Halloween" ...

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	244754987_10223955062283011_9169743961321628913_n.jpg
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Size:	90.3 KB
ID:	1320477

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	244760175_10223955062723022_4085395588905622916_n.jpg
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ID:	1320478

                                Yeah Baby, I know why you're grinning ... You Bad Girl, you .. Lol
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                                Take my 45 and outrun em all ..


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