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harley wishbone hardtail frame - what forks fit?


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  • harley wishbone hardtail frame - what forks fit?

    I've never messed with a factory hardtail frame before, but one just fell in my lap. I'm going to pick it up tomorrow (it's an entire bike in bits with a ratchet top and a 61 pan with matching numbers cases). I've never messed with a frame older than the swingarm 1970's FX I hardtailed in my last build. Not sure what year this frame is yet but the owner says it was raked as part of an older chop build and has what look like 6 over wide glide forks included. I'm not into wide glides at all, and will probably want to put shorter tubes in it as well or a springer. I don't know what will fit though.

    1- can anyone tell just by looking at the photo what year range or bike model this frame likely is? I seriously know nothing about these factory frames. I've always had to whack away at swing arm frames.

    2- what forks/trees/steering stems will fit this neck? Will parts for shovel frames etc fit the necks on these wishbone frames pretty universally? When I search for this sort of stuff "wishbone" just brings up a lot of wishbone springers instead of details on the wishbone hardtail frame.

    3- anything else I should know here? Not my first rodeo, but it is my first panhead build and my first factory hardtail frame. Also the first time I've considered/planned to replace the forks. I usually get lucky and end up keeping the forks my projects come with.

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    One might guess what years it might be but way to much is missing to be exact..... It looks to be 48 up to 54 ish by the top motor mount but better pics will help a lot....... Basically any BT front end will fit on that frame...................
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      By the way it looks like it had a king and queen seat on it at one time or another.............


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        So the newish evo single cam bikes and shovels and this are all pretty interchangeable? Good to know.


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          Evo is about an inch taller than a Shovel....
          Take my 45 and outrun em all ..


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            Look here to help identify year of frame:

            Thread: Frames 101 - HD Big Twins 1936-1965

            Is this the measurement of the neck:
            Click image for larger version

Name:	Harley neck measurements,with cups, Merch.jpg
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              While we're at it, will most modern foot controls mount to the factory locations of wishbone/straight leg frames? they look pretty similar to the shovel I had.


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                Looks like some decent rake. I’d mock it up with the 6over so you don’t end up in the dirt.

                Actually those look a bit over 6 to me


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                  Originally posted by SamHain
                  Actually those look a bit over 6 to me
                  Yea me too...... Looks close to my knucks rake...... It's more than 6 over........
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                    I love a long wide front end!


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                      As noted above, those frames have the common big twin steering head. If you happen to have the original neck cups from that frame, be advised that the bearings were changed in 1960, and the original races are not compatible with the post - '60 bearings (cones). You can install later bearing cups, like for a shovel, or change the original races if you have the original neck cups, and use pretty much any big twin style front end you wish.



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