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Yet again, another electrical help question...


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  • Yet again, another electrical help question...

    So I've hardtailed my sporty, re located a few things but im hooking up my stock loom now and don't have power.. Ive checked terminals and they are good, i have 12v out of my battery running to the solenoid but nothing coming out from there. Threw in an inline 30A fuse for my main fuse because i thought that was blown but that didnt do anything...

    Should i have 12v running out of my starter to the Voltage Reg? With key on or off I don't have any juice running out of Solenoid/starter.. Ultimately no power to lights. I have some other grounds (not bat ground) bolted to a fender now because i haven't cut anything and the wires are pretty short... Whos up for helping a guy out?

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    Don't use a fuse. Use a 30 A circuit breaker liked used on stock XLs. Where is the fuse getting power from.?
    The voltage regulator sends charging system voltage back to the main circuit breaker silver post and then to the battery.
    Wait a minute, what year XL ?


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      2000. So i cannot replace the 30A breaker with a 30A Fuse?


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        Replacing a breaker with a fuse is braindead (why build in a disadvantage?) but you can if you want.

        Use a blade fuse, not delicate glass junk, and later you can plug in a blade breaker if desired.


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          When did they start using that giat "maxi" fuse? Anyway, I think the PO wants to know where the power to his ignition switch comes from.
          Off the top of my head, I think the the juice is stolen from the solenoid lug to the main harness. Look for a red wire with a large ring terminal on it. Good luck.
          Get the manual and/or a wiring diagram at least.


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